About | Electronic Beats Österreich


Telekom Electronic Beats (TEB) owns an award-winning media portfolio. Central to this is the online platform, Electronicbeats.net, a hub for cutting-edge digital journalism that offers insightful, comprehensive coverage of the contemporary electronic music world.

Initially developed as a music marketing program, TEB has since evolved to embrace the connection between music and other key lifestyle areas such as design, tech, fashion and art.

Electronicbeats.tv features in-depth interviews, concert footage, live streams and more, showcasing pioneers, all-stars and newcomers from across the electronic music scene. In early 2018, TEB will launch its own German language podcast miniseries.

Active in all Deutsche Telekom markets, TEB produces its own live events across Europe, creating memorable music experiences while also serving as a platform for innovative Deutsche Telekom products and services. Since 2000, Deutsche Telekom has set the standard for international music marketing with the innovative Telekom Electronic Beats platform. TEB’s persistent creativity and cutting-edge content perfectly embodies the millennial zeitgeist.